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As the Producer of the 'American Barn Stories' series it feels really good to be bringing old barns stories and content to the so many of you who really enjoy it and want to see more of it. We are all witnesses to the final days of our traditional old barns being around, and before that all plays out I consider it an honor and a duty to capture as many old barn stories as possible for all future purposes and generations.


Over the many years I've been at this, so many people have implored me to keep on going and keep capturing old barn stories wherever possible, so I continue. And it has turned into a very pleasant and fulfilling part of my production life that I really enjoy and look forward to satisfying on an ongoing basis. The pic below is of a library group that came out on a cold Wisconsin Winter night to see the new show and it stands as a good example of what keeps me motivated on all of this old barns stuff.








In addition to the work on the old barns series I maintain a standard workload as an independent Producer. I also write, shoot and edit (FCP6/10). With many years in the video production business, and having been involved in a wide variety of productions over the years, I can help you get your project produced.


Here's a Facebook link to  some more current projects  



And for a look at some older work you can visit the 'Legacy' website at this link    




      If you have any questions or want to talk about a video production opportunity, please call 800-914-7913

                                                                                                                                             local 262-248-9650






 Tom E. Laughlin

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