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Your groups will love this presentation!

Tom E. Laughlin has been doing presentations of his old barns shows to groups for a number of years now, and people absolutely love it! If you have an event coming up and need to book a 'can't-miss' one-hour+ presentation that is guaranteed to entertain your group, call Tom's office to talk about the details. He says, "I continue to be completely amazed at the passion so many people have for our old barns, including younger folks. It is a real treat for me to bring the shows to groups and interact with them on it -- it's always a great time and I really enjoy it, and they do too!". 












For information call 262-248-9650                             

I just wanted to write you and tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation at the Library last week. You engaged and ignited our patrons and that is always a wonderful thing to see!
   Ashley Johnson   Barrington Area Library  3/16/15

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