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"Wisconsin Barns -- Touchstones to the Past"

This first old barns program premiered on Wisconsin Public Television in 2006. Since then it has penetrated over 50 million PBS households across the country and is now a classic.The program includes a lot of old barn stories including a big old barn being moved miles for relocation, people saving their barns, how to tell how old a barn is and much more. We also meet quirky old Wisconsin dairy farmer, Art the Farmer, who encapsulates the way things used to be -- you'll love him!  

"American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands"
Episode 1: Wisconsin and Illinois Barns

The old barns conversation continues as we witness the beginning of the, "American Barn Stories" series as more old barn stories are captured and told. We get an idea of the modern forces that are causing the old barns to come down and in the meantime enjoy a number of barn stories including more time spent with Art the Farmer. And, how do you paint a barn, and what does it cost? We'll find out. We'll also witness a glimpse of the countryside over 100 years ago and much more, including llamas! Your family will love this program and the ending is very dramatic.

"American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands"
Episode 2: Wisconsin and Minnesota Barns


This show opens with an amazing round barn story from southwestern Wisconsin and goes from there, including traditional square hay baling with Art the Farmer and his vintage Farmall tractors and more, including a story about a Wisconsin dairy barn being disassmbled for salvage, plus another historic round barn story, this one from Minnesota. And as always, nice custom music and beautiful video footage from the Midwestern countryside.

 "American Barn Stories and Other Tales From the Heartlands"

 Episode 3: Barn Quilts, Barn Moving, Old Fashioned Barn Raising with Horses & More!

This latest episode will make quilters across America even happier and prouder about what they do! The program opens with a great barn quilt story from the Midwest and continues with a story about a Wisconsin farm couple who painted the entire broad side of their barn with a mural about barn quilts as seen here -- holy cow!! It's a fantastic story and you have to see it!


And there's a lot more to this episode, including an old fashioned barn raising with horses and an Iowa barn story where the high school kids rallied to save the old barn on school property in West Des Moines, Iowa -- wow -- a lot happening -- click on any picture to  buy

this episode!


Me and Art the Farmer

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