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This website is dedicated to the many people everywhere who just plain love our old American barns and as well, to the barns themselves, of course. As the era of our old wooden barns passes from them being part of an active farming scene to becoming historical relics, we are left with some of them still standing and some actually still functioning, albeit in various forms of repair, condition and operation. As long as they are here we have the chance, and I believe the duty, to capture and portray their stories now, while we still can, because it won't be long before they are all gone, except for those tokens preserved as examples of how things used to be.


Having produced a few TV programs about our old American barns I have been immersed in the whole subject for many years and continue to be amazed at how passionate so many people are about our remaining old American barns. Through the help of Wisconsin Public Television those shows started appearing on PBS stations across the country in 2006/2007 and the latest episode in the series is finding its way onto PBS stations across the country right now!


The name of the series is, "American Barn Stories & Other Tales From the Heartlands" and its Mission is to capture old barn stories from across the country. Check your local PBS listings for it and if you don't see it, ask for it! And if you happen to know of a really good barn story anywhere in America let me know about it and I may put it on the 'To Do' list. Use the 'Contact Us' form to send that information to me.


Through the production of the shows I've learned that many people would appreciate a place where they could go to shop for various old barns related merchandise, so to begin with there are offerings of DVD copies of the shows through Amazon and some old barns T-shirts, coffee mugs etc. through a Spreadshirt site, with the anticipation of more offerings over time. Thanks in advance for your patience and inputs. Orders are starting and people are very happy with the quality of the items.


For DVDs click on the, 'ORDER DVD's' button and for T-shirts and sweatshirts click on, 'SHOP Merchandise'. And, if you buy all four DVDs there is a DISCOUNT -- click on the 'ORDER DVDs' button to check that out! And stay tuned for discounts on T-shirts!


Also know this, you can change the text on any of the T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee cups etc. to be anything you want and the color of the item is variable, too!


If there is something more you'd like to see offered get in touch on it and pass your thoughts along. A number of things are currently being reviewed for possible inclusion on the site including old barn related products and services.


If you have a link you'd like added to the site get in touch through the 'Contact Us' page and we'll talk about it.


Take a look around the site and feel free to get in touch! 


Thanks for visiting,


             Tom E. Laughlin


 The American Barn Stories Team











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